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Linda's Story

I chose to share my story because I wanted people to know what a wonderful service

Home-Start is.   It helps young families in the home; hence the name Home-Start, as it starts in the home! 

became involved with Home-Start as a volunteer following our move to Cobar nearly 2 years ago.  As a volunteer you complete a course that helps you understand your involvement with the families. You also learn a lot about yourself and have fun along the way!

My families are wonderful people who need that little bit of extra help and friendship. I am sure most people with children will remember calling in grandparents or friends to give them a hand or just a break with the  children. A lot of our mums in Cobar have left all their family and friends behind in other towns, states or countries, so they benefit not only from the helping hand but from the friendship that is involved.

I have been supported all the way by the local Home-Start coordinator, who is there when I need her.  We currently need more volunteers so I encourage any ladies reading this who are mums themselves or grandparents, or just have that little bit of time to spare a couple of hours a week, to pick up the phone and volunteer - you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

My time with Home-Start in Cobar has been a wonderful experience and I have gained just as much, if not more, from my involvement with these special mums.