June's Ode to her Volunteer

Dear Home-Start Volunteer

What is it that makes you care?  And not only care, but share your life and resources?

In this dizzy and busy life we all live today and you make time to stop and to reach out your arms.

You are the heart of hope and the foundation for upward growth, healing and restoration of the life of a family and our community.

What makes you even more precious is your inner determination to continue to regularly sow into the world of another, without expectation of receiving anything back.

You mean more to society than you realise.  How bleak would life be without you?

You constantly give.  How can your families ever repay you?  I only thank God that the laws of sowing and reaping apply in our world.  May you be honoured and blessed beyond your wildest imaginations.

With sincere thanks

A grateful family.