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What Families Say


  • I look forward to having her company and help with the children each week
  • I have formed a close friendship with my volunteer which I know will continue.  
  • We would look forward to the weekly visit.  She was a wonderful companion for myself –     she would read to the children, play blocks, tell stories during play and help with small household duties
  • Certain things were just too difficult to even consider doing with my children. My volunteer helped me through a difficult period in my kids’ lives and generally made it easier.  She helped with grocery shopping, but also listened to my general moans and really listened
  • My volunteer gave me a break from my child eg:  reading books, playing outside and walks.  Every home with small children should have a Home-Start volunteer.  Invaluable assistance
  • Having another adult to talk to has been helpful.  Being stuck at home with twins was hard and my volunteer got along well with all the children
  • I have benefited by having help with a child with a disability who is very demanding.  My volunteer would look after my child so I could do a few jobs around the house.
  • My volunteer was very positive and helpful because of my mental hurdles.  She took it all in her stride and I could open up without fear of judgment
  • I was able to do more things around the house and my volunteer played with the children.  The children really enjoyed the relationship with an older person.  I liked the way she always responded positively to the children and their choice of games and toys without judgement
  • Lovely lady – helped with Speech Pathologist’s homework.  She is like a good friend
  • I need help with the baby because of my shoulder and I was able to keep up with the housework by having some help.   She helped carry the baby and put out washing, etc.