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Katherine's Story

As a mother who has received support visits from a Home-Start Volunteer I would like to say how much it has helped to have someone outside my immediate family to visit and talk with.

When my Home-Start Volunteer arrived each week it gave me the energy and motivation to get things done because there were times I just couldn’t be bothered because I felt alone and overwhelmed.

As the weeks progressed I began to look forward to her weekly visits and marked them on the calendar.  When she arrived and she would help me bath my baby and then she would feed him his bottle and give him lots of cuddles. This freed me up to catch up with my household chores and achieve a sense of order in my day. Then we would sit down together for a cuppa and a chat.

At first it is difficult to seek and accept help as you may feel that you’re not coping, however having a new person to talk with helps you work through things and realise that you are not super woman.  It’s OK to have down days.

I am now working full time and unfortunately no longer receive the service but the volunteer and I have built a lifelong friendship.  We still keep in contact. She now has a new client and family to support and thus the caring and sharing cycle continues.

I hope these words can encourage mums and dads to utilise this very valuable service, as to receive the gift of human kindness is the greatest gift of all.