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Dana's Story

When in life the families have to make decisions. It means big changes and new goals, and one of these is when we decided to move to Australia from Peru. It means a country with different culture and customs first of all that we need to become familiar with, and then build relationships with the new community.

It was a great satisfaction to know Home-Start through its meetings where the mums get together (Time for Mums to Talk), meet new people and learn new things about health, behaviour of our children, etc.  Besides, you can take a little time to relax.

Home-Start's program of volunteers who help mums with children aged between 0-5 years is where we first  met Linda. It was a wonderful experience to share pieces of advice and exchange ideas about culinary advice, habits and Australian customs, but the most important here was the help and care of our two little sons, David (2 years) and John (15 months), so that Linda's help became a very special  friendship.

However my kids have gained an aunty and I a great friend. Linda helped take care of and played with my sons a couple of hours each week with much love. They enjoyed playing with her, while I could take time for myself. She also helped with transport grocery shopping and appointments.

At the time of meeting Linda I was 5 months into my 3rd pregnancy and Linda was still in Cobar when Jay  was born and got to know him before she left.

Thanks Linda for dedicating part of your time to my family.