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Carol's Story

My name is Carol and I am a 31 year old mother of one little boy who is 4. I am currently on the list for a heart/lung transplant and of course my health is not good. I am also struggling at the moment to look after my little boy on my own for a good deal of the time as my husband has a job which takes him overseas for weeks at a time regularly.

I first became aware of the Home-Start Program late last year when I met Val who said she would do her best to link me with a volunteer. In April this year Val introduced me to Debbie, a volunteer, who Val felt would be a help for me.

Since Debbie has started coming she has enabled my mum to have a full day by herself without having to worry about me. This is extremely important for any one with a seriously ill family member; it is too easy to lose yourself in looking after that person. Everyone is entitled to some time to themselves. Before Debbie started coming over my mum had been coming to my home virtually every day to help me with my little boy and to make sure I was OK. Now mum knows that Debbie will be here on Tuesdays and she can make arrangements to do what she wants on that day without having to worry about me.

Debbie also helps me take my little boy to Kindigym which is something he loves to do and which I have been unable to take him to this year as it requires an adult to walk around the gymnasium with him and this is something that is now beyond me. Debbie has been wonderful in helping with this activity and my little boy just loves it.  If on Tuesdays Kindigym is not on, Debbie will help with other things around the house or perhaps grocery shopping or even just going down to the park. Just having someone else around to talk to is really great.

When you are not well it gets harder and harder to get out of the house and just meet and talk to people. Having a program that brings a person to someone’s home, even for just a few hours a day each week can make all the difference. The program has definitely been a wonderful success as far as I am concerned.