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Anonymous Family Story

Dear Janice

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the chance to have support via the Home-Start voluntary Home Visiting Program.

I was initially told about this program by WS who thought that due to not having much family support at home, that I would benefit from having a volunteer support person to talk to, as I was becoming very depressed.

I am truly grateful that Grace (my volunteer) can make the time to see me.  I am finding that I am now looking forward to my weekly visits with her.

I was initially worried about talking to someone I didn’t know, but because our meetings are informal and relaxed, and also because Grace is very kind, friendly and easily approachable.  I feel very comfortable being with her and talking openly and freely about anything.

Since I started seeing Grace, I have found that I am happier and less stressed at home, which is benefiting myself and my family because I am less tense, angry and upset which was affecting all of us.

I would highly recommend this wonderful program to other families because by simply having a person who genuinely wants to listen to you is very beneficial and rewarding and valuable.

Thanks again