Our Supporters

Home-Start is mainly funded under the Department of Community Services – Families NSW and in Victoria it is the Commonwealth Government and Baptcare. Currently there are 23 Home-Start schemes operating in a number of communities in NSW and Victoria including rural and remote regions where mainly families are isolated and under pressure due to the impact of the drought.  There are approximately 400 volunteers who have been trained and are linked with a family experiencing stress or difficulty in their parenting role. 
Home-Start Australia also receives funding from other sources to develop and deliver innovative projects and programs, such as: 

Currently in Australia, 1 in 4 primary school aged children, and 1 in 5 pre-school aged children are overweight or obese. This trend in not only increasing but accelerating. 
Home-Start will develop family-friendly healthy living kits and eBook for children and parents,  train existing volunteers to support  families to make practical changes in shopping, cooking, eating and physical movement during their regular weekly visit in the family's home.
Group cooking sessions and community EAT MOVE LIVE days will also be held in each of the 22 local communities where Home-Start currently operates.

Young Parents Circle of Security - Parenting Project
Home-Start will partner with the D.A.L.E. Young Mother's Program in Newcastle to deliver the Circle of Security - Parenting program to teenage mothers trying to complete their High School education whilst struggling with the stress and uncertainty of motherhood. Being able to understand and respond to their child's needs appropriately helps to reduce frustration and stress, and increases confidence in their parenting skills. Students can then direct more energy and concentration towards their studies, thereby increasing the likelihood of successfully completing their education and moving on to further studies or employment. 
* NSW CDSE (Clubfunding) - Beresfield Bowling Club - Navigating Fatherhood Program
Partnering with Newcastle Family Relationships Centre, Home-Start will deliver a guide to parenting for dads who have been in prison. The program aims to lessen the effect incarceration may have on the lives of their children and partners by highlighting the impact and importance of their role as fathers, improving parenting and communication skills, building a repertoire of new actions to replace old socially undesirable patterns of behaviour, and identifying strengths, skills and areas of potential employment.